AT&T FamilyMap


  • How do I use AT&T FamilyMap from my phone?
  • AT&T FamilyMap has a mobile browser application that allows you to locate your family members from any mobile phone. Simply enter into your mobile browser and sign in with the same phone number and password you use to access AT&T FamilyMap from your computer.

    Note: Data use rates apply.

  • How do I improve location accuracy?
    1. Are you locating an iPhone?

      We recommend that you install and register the free AT&T Check-In app. This app improves AT&T FamilyMap location accuracy for any iPhone being located. It is required if you are using FamilyMap to locate an iPhone 5 from your account.

    2. Phones must be on and in AT&T network coverage.

      If you can't locate someone, verify that their phone is turned on and in AT&T network coverage.

    3. Location Services should be on (GPS and Wifi).

      Turning these services on can improve location accuracy. Go to the phone’s Settings to turn them on.

  • How do I get more accurate locates for iPhone?
  • To locate iPhones as accurately as possible, download the AT&T Check-In app. It's free, easy, and we'll help you do it.

    1. Get the iPhone you want to locate.
    2. Open the App Store icon.
    3. Search for AT&T Check-In in the App Store.
    4. Open AT&T Check-In.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up.
  • Can AT&T FamilyMap locate a lost or stolen phone?
  • Yes. You can signup for a FamilyMap account to locate a lost or stolen phone.

    Note: The phone must be turned on and in AT&T network coverage to be located. The location will be approximate and will not be accurate enough to find a lost phone, for example, in a specific room in a house. When a phone becomes locatable, it receives a text message saying that it can be located by AT&T FamilyMap.

  • Why don't I always get a location?
  • AT&T FamilyMap uses several different techniques to locate a phone. However, given all of these techniques, geographic conditions and phone limitations can still result in inaccurate locations. Common poor geographic conditions and phone limitations include:

    • The phone that you are trying to locate is deep inside a building or car.
    • The phone is surrounded by tall buildings, hills, or trees.
    • The phone is powered off.
    • The phone's battery has run out.
    • The phone is not in AT&T network coverage.
    • Service on the particular line/number has been terminated or suspended.

    By design, certain phones are more limited in providing accurate locations. For specific information on how to create optimal conditions, you should consult the phone's user manual.